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Business Analysis

Provide a complete solution integrating data collection, data processing, data analysis, and data collaboration, realize visual analysis, panoramic display and intelligent prediction of business data, and help intelligent rail transit management.

Software Develop

Provides various applications that focus on experience, covering the entire process of rail transit operation management. We develop applications based on odoo, which can be flexibly configured or quickly developed according to user needs.

Data Security

Provide overall solutions and services for the entire life cycle of industrial Internet and critical information infrastructure information security protection. Adopt security software and hardware products with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Technical Support

Provide technical consultation on rail transit operation management informatization, middle-station technology architecture, agile development. We contribute apps and themes to the odoo market and provide technical support.

Odoo Backend Themes

Our theme is a modern theme which dedicated to making odoo have a better interface. The theme has a variety of built-in styles, colors can be customized, with multi tab suppot, and many other extend.

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Anita Modeler

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Enigma Workflow System

it is a bpmn workflow system for odoo,, it support most of the standard bpmn elements which offen used. and some enhancment for it.  with this system, just draw the bmpn workflow, and config the groups\form\action\buttons\condition,  notice that ,you can add the forms with anita modeler. it is a modeler tool for this. 


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RBAC system(Grade Authorization)

As odoo is diffcult to manage user groups where there is lots of users. so rbac user manage is a good way to easy this work. and some evnrionment, the privilige is bind to the department, this module is also usefull.

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Low Code System

        Due to the flexibility of business and there are many repetitive developments in our own software development, we can use the framework to simplify development and minimize development or no development. Therefore, the purpose of building this system is to improve response efficiency while reducing development costs. provide better service


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